Goodbye 33

As the sun sets on my last day of 33 I can’t help but wonder, where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday I was turning 30 and now 34 is just a sleep away. And I will be closer to 35 than 30. I know you are only as old as you feel but it’s still a weird feeling watching these numbers go up. So goodbye 33, tomorrow 34 will be upon me.



I have not jumped on the LuLaRoe bandwagon like a lot of people have. One, this Body is not made for tight leggings. Two, if pants are not black I don’t wear them. Three, even if I wore colors those are too much. But I bought a pair because a lady I work with was hosting a party. I can count on one hand the number of times I have worn them, to bed. But let me tell you, since the temperature has been dropping I think they are my favorite thing to sleep in. They sure keep you warm on these cold nights. So I have to admit I have bought a second pair, but that will probably be my last pair.

My Business Is My Business

I know I am a pretty cool person (or at least I hope) and I know I have a fun and exciting life but some people need to get their noses out of my business and keep them in their own business. There are two ladies I work with that think they need to be all up in my business, and I am getting tired of it. I could care less what they do when they are not working but boy they sure need to know what I’m doing when I’m off. I don’t mind small talk but when you start obsessing about what I’m doing on my off weekend then it’s time to take a step back, in my opinion.

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

And just like that another year has come and gone.  2017 was a pretty good year.  I got to visit my two favorite vacation spots in the same year, that in it self makes it a good year.  Disney World and the Outer Banks are my two happy places.  Hopefully 2018 will find my travels taking me on some new adventures.  I might actually get two trips to Disney in a my first Disney Cruise (if everything goes right).  I hope 2018 also finds new and exciting things for me.