Archive | July 2017

Looking Forward 

I’m looking forward to being back in the Outer Banks.  It does this Southern Belle’s soul good.  I love waking up to this each morning.  Less than 100 days till I can sink my toes in the sand of Corolla again.  I can’t wait!  Is it too early to start packing? 


I enjoyed the new Beauty and the Beast movie.  It reminded me of the old musicals I grew up watching.  The music was wonderful and I have fallen in love with the new song from the movie “Evermore”.  It is just beautiful.  Surprisingly I like the Dan Stevens version better (the one that is actaully seen in the movie) and not the Josh Groban version.  In fact I am listening to it as I write this post.  I like it so much I even looked for it as a ringtone but I didn’t find one.  

I’m in Schock 

I was left speechless after last night’s Food Network Star.  (Spoiler Alert if you are watching it and have not seen last night’s yet.)  I thought for sure Cory would make it to the end, so I was schocked when he was eliminated.  I thought it would be Cory and Jason as the last two standing.  So I am not sure what to think right now.  I will keep watching because we are Team Jason all the way in my house but I thought Cory was really good too.  

Changes Are a Coming to Disney World 

Last weekend there were a lot of Disney World changes that were annoucned at the D23 Expo.  While I am excited about some there are a few that sadden me.  Mainly the closing of the Great Movie Ride.  I know it was not the best ride at Disney but it was cute in is own way.  I will miss it.  I think it will be cool to finally have a Mickey and Minnie ride but I hate that it is at the expense of the Great Movie Ride.  Hollywood Studios is going to be unrecognizable before long with Star Wars land and Toy Story land opening soon and the closing of the Great Movie Ride.  I am super exciteed for a Ratatouille ride, though.   I think it is great that EPCOT is adding more rides to the World Showcase.  Between the Frozen ride and now Ratatouille it will give me a reason to spend more time in the World Showcase.  

Brininging Up Disney Kids 

I am doing my part to make these kids Disney loving kids!  I’m the one that bought them their much loved Mickey and Minnie blankets, now known as DeeDee.  I bought each of them their first pair of ears.  They each have kindle fires for when they are out with us, with Disney movies downloaded on them.  I have five or six Disney Sing Along DVD’s they love watching in the car.  And last week our newest thing was watching youtube videos of Disney World rides.  And these are just a few of the things I can think of right now.  

Starting a New Tradition 

When I was younger my parents usally only went out of town for their annivarsary and even then they would just go to Gatlingburg for the weekend.  But one those rare occasions that they did I would stay with my aunt and grandma.  When I was staying with my aunt she would read me a Beatrix Potter story.  She had the complete box collection and I loved those stories.  Last week while we had the kids I read the three year old the Tale of Peter Rabbit the first night.  I thought if anything maybe we would read a few different Beatrix Potter stories while we where there but he only wanted Peter Rabbit.  One night while we were reading he tiold me he loved me and another night after my mom offered to read he told her only I could.  The biggestes difference between my aunt’s reading to me and me reading to him; my Beatrix Potter collection is on my kindle, but it works.