Time for Me

This weekend I finally had time for me.  I saw the Beauty and the Beast movie.  I read a book, or at least I finished a book I started earlier in the week.  But it has been a long time since I have been able to finish a book in under a week.  And I think this is the start of more time for me.  I love those kids but they are taking up way too much of my time and I’m starting to feel used.  So I have decided it is time to step back a bit.  I’m tired of being the one that plans everything and doesn’t even get thanked for it, and when I say plan I mean pay for things too.  My credit card will not be leaving my wallet for these kids like it has in the past.  And no more dropping what I’m doing just for those kids.  I know it’s really not the kids fault but it has to start somewhere for the picture to be gotten by all involved.  This Southern Belle is fed up and its time to make my point.

Bringing Up Disney Kids

Would I love to see the two little ones faces the first time they see the castle or ride Winnie the Pooh?  Of course, but it’s not going to happen.  We tried, oh how we tried to make it happen last year but it was not in the cards.  Well now their mommy is going to Florida with their grandpa and they are taking them to Disney for the first time.  I’m not going to lie, part of me is sad but an even larger part of me is releaved.  My gut tells me this is a disaster in the making.  Those kids really are not ready for Disney, and especially Disney at Spring Break/Easter week.  I will be back “home” in 4.5 weeks and I know my trip will be much nicer and with less stress.  There will be other Disney Trips where we can take the kids and I have a feeling their mommy will be thankful to have Auntie planned trip(s) in the future.  

First Time Zoo Visit

I was born and raised a Kentucky girl.  But it took me till I was 32 almost 33 before I went to the Louisville Zoo for the first time.  I loved it!  I was very impressed with that zoo.  Growing up in between Louisville and Cincinnati but closer to Cincinnati than Louisville the Cincinnati Zoo has always been the zoo I have gone to.  And the Cincinnati Zoo is a world renowned zoo.  I felt like the enclosures at the Louisville Zoo were nicer and the animals seemed to be more lively.  I have never seen the lions at the Cincinnati Zoo be awake hardly let alone roaring at each other.  They were putting on quit a show at the Louisville Zoo the day we went.  The train ride at the Louisville Zoo was much nicer too, adults could actually fit on it without feeling like a pretzel, and there were tunnels.  The bonus for us the day we went to the Louisville Zoo was seeing their baby gorilla.  She was so cute and we didn’t even know she was there or would be on display.  I can’t wait to go back to the Louisville Zoo.

My Poor Babies

This past weekend was hard.  My cousin, the kids dad, in order to help with some of their financial troubles is taking a job overseas for a year.  He left Saturday for that year.  A year away is hard for an adult but even harder for three kids, two of whom are still babies.  The youngest one kept calling me DaDa Saturday.  I think she could tell something was going on.  This next year is going to be very hard and long for those three kids I’m afraid.


Catching Up

I know my post have been few and far between lately. Well I am hoping to change that. I am officially a one job woman now and I even got a promotion. So my new full time second job is going to be this blog here. So I am going to do a little catching up…
Travel: Well we went to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge for a few days in April. The day we arrived down there was the day the helicopter crashed killing five people. My heart goes out to those affected by the crash. We are getting ready to go to Grand Rapids, MI for a few days here very soon. We have done two Cumberland Falls’ weekends with the kids. Now those were a ball. Well the first one was a ball, the second one the babies were sick so it was not as much fun. But of course our big trip this year is still to come. I’m going to Disney World! Yes again! This is a family trip in October where my three favorite people under the age of eight will be going too. I can’t wait to see how the one and two year old reacts when they see it for the first time. 

Baking/Cooking: Well this Southern Belle finally had one of her dreams come true. I got my KitchenAid Stand Mixer for Christmas so I have become the cake from scratch queen. I love it! Some days I will just look at it and think I am so lucky to have it. Cooking on the other hand I have not done too much of that. 

Reading: Since late last year I have been obsessed with the Dare Valley Series of Books by Ava Miles and then the Dare River Series and now the Dare Valley Meets Paris novellas. I can’t wait for the next Dare River now. I also read the newest Catherine Bybee book, “Doing it Over”, plus the fourth book in the In Dixie Series by Beth Albright, “Stardust in Dixie”, and then there was the final in the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day, “One With You”. Boy I really am into series! I loved all those books though. 

Auntie: Beside the two trips to Cumberland Falls with the kids, I took the seven year old a girl’s day one day when I was off. We went to the local butterfly show, that was my first time going in years, I don’t think she liked it too much but I did. We also recently as a whole family did the horse park in Lexington, that was cool but I think the two year old how the most fun of any of us. The one year old was scared of the horse but she did well. Of course the hardest part right now for this Auntie is not being able to tell the seven year old we are going to Disney in October, her mommy doesn’t want to tell her till we are getting in the car to leave. 

Southern Belle Style: I love saying shirts. One of my newest ones I purchased especially for the seven year old “Suck it up Buttercup”. I always want to tell her that when she starts whining about something. 

Well I think that about covers everything I have been up too. I will keep you posted on my happenings and not go so long in between posts. Thank you for continuing to read Southern Belle Charm, without you the readers this blog would be nothing. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Memorial Day.