A December Bride by: Denise Hunter

I am about to admit to something I thought I’d never say, I found a movie I liked better than the book. And to top it off it was one of those Hallmark movies. The book was not horrible but in this case I do feel the little changes that were made for the movie really helped enhance the story. Considering usually stuff from the book usually has to be cut for the movie.


Morning News

As I’m sitting here listening to the morning news before I head out to work my mind drifts back to the news I was hearing one year ago. It was this time last year that my morning news was filled with images and updates as wildfires ripped through Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge and I watched as places I have been to and knew were burned to the ground. Or saw families not sure if they would have a home to go back to or worse yet not sure if their loved ones were in the path of the fire and if they were safe. I still can’t believe it has been a year.

Titanic over Gone With the Wind

I am devastated that Gone With the Wind has loss out to Titanic for the day before Thanksgiving movie. I loved being able to watch Rhett and Scarlett before my turkey day started. I am just not a fan of Rose and Jack. I feel like a piece of history is being thrown away. I still love you Gone With The Wind.

Smokies Strong 1 Year Later

Next week marks the one year anniversary of the wildfires that ripped through the Great Smoky Mountains. Lives were lost, homes destroyed, and the people of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge were determined to carry on. I have been back twice since the fires and they are moving forward from this hard time. They truly are Smokies Strong. I still can’t believe we were so close to the fires starting with the precious babies.

One Company Two Totally Different Experiences

I had two bottles of body spray that would not spray, one was a Bath and Body Works and the other a Victoria Secret. I emailed the company about them and was told I could take them to the stores and exchange them but it would have to be a body spray for a body spray, no big deal. So I went yesterday, what an experience that was. First I went to Victoria Secret. I picked up a body spray and took it to the counter, told the lady I had the one that wouldn’t spray, she asked for my receipt. I ordered it online so I didn’t have my receipt, so she tried looking it up by my card, still no luck. So then they asked if I had the email so I could put the order number in. Well good thing I never delete my emails, I found it but then they were still questioning me if I bought it on line when you could clearly read on the email that scent was purchased on that order. Well I finally get it exchanged and head out the door and onto Bath and Body Works. I walk into Bath and Body find my spray I want, wait in line get up to the register pull out my spray that isn’t working and tell her it won’t spray, she tells me I can just take the new one and apologized for it not working, and out the door I went. At no time did they apologize at Victoria Secret. It amazes me that two stores owned by the same company could have so totally different experiences. Well Bath and Body Works won the customer service award hands down in this case.

After Burn/After Shock Book and Movie

Last Friday Passionflix started streaming their newest book turned movie, After Burn/After Shock by Sylvia Day.  I’ll start with the book, it was okay.  I like the Crossfire Series more but this is actaully two novellas in one book.  So they are not as in depth, which I prefere but limited space means limited information.  I would have preferred more of Gia and Jax’s backstory.  On to the movie.  They did a great job following the book and hitting some of the major points.  I love that Passionflix is turning books into movies, this being the second, and I can’t wait for more.  I think I would have to say Hollywood Dirt was better but then again maybe that was just me liking that book better.