Disney Photo Week Day 2

I love this picture from EPCOT.  I took it from Germany in the World Showcase and I love that the monorail can be seen through the trees.  I love how the giant white ball of Spaceship Earth  is surrended by the beautiful blue Florida sky.  EPCOT is probably my least favorite of the four parks but its sights like this, and the flower and garden show, that keeps me coming back.  

Disney Photo Week Day 1

This is a sight I never get tired of seeing.  Main Street USA and Cinderella’ Castle just bring a smile to my face and a spring to my step.  I know when I see them I am in a place where I know I am going to have fun and enjoy feeling like a kid again.  To me the Magic Kingdom really is magical, I walk in that gate and it’s like I’m a child again and it’s okay, even though I’m an adult.  It’s okay for adults to walk around wearing hats with mouse ears wearing shirts with cartons eating overly sweet treats in the shape of a mouse head.