Introducing the First Southern Belle Charm Blog Reading Challenge


2018 Word

A few years ago I read this book by Debbie Macomber and I loved the idea of choosing one word a year but haven’t done it yet. So I’ve decided 2018 is the year.

My word for 2018 is Write. It’s time I get back to my passion and get back to what makes me happy.

A December Bride by: Denise Hunter

I am about to admit to something I thought I’d never say, I found a movie I liked better than the book. And to top it off it was one of those Hallmark movies. The book was not horrible but in this case I do feel the little changes that were made for the movie really helped enhance the story. Considering usually stuff from the book usually has to be cut for the movie.

After Burn/After Shock Book and Movie

Last Friday Passionflix started streaming their newest book turned movie, After Burn/After Shock by Sylvia Day.  I’ll start with the book, it was okay.  I like the Crossfire Series more but this is actaully two novellas in one book.  So they are not as in depth, which I prefere but limited space means limited information.  I would have preferred more of Gia and Jax’s backstory.  On to the movie.  They did a great job following the book and hitting some of the major points.  I love that Passionflix is turning books into movies, this being the second, and I can’t wait for more.  I think I would have to say Hollywood Dirt was better but then again maybe that was just me liking that book better. 

15 Southern Belle Recommended Books

A few weeks ago I gave my list of 10 Recommended Series so here is my list of Recommended books.

1) Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.  I think every Southern Belle should read this at least once in their lifetime and don’t let the number of pages scare you away.

2) Rhett Butler’s People by: Donald McCaig.  This is a nice “sequel” to Gone With the Wind.

3) Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  It’s a classic, and if you are only going to read one Jane Austin book in your life I would recommend this one. 

4)  The Royal We by Heather Cocks.  This is a fun read in which an American girl falls in love with a prince while at college.  Will their road lead them to marriage?

5) Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld.  This is a fun modern day version of Pride and Prejudice set in Cincinnati.  But I would recommend reading it in addition to not instead of Austen’s original version.

6) Message From Nam by Danielle Steel.  This book holds a special place in my heart that I will share with you soon.

7) Black Hills by Nora Roberts.  I was surprised I liked this book as much as I did.  I especially enjoyed it since I have been to the black hills.  It’s a type of book I would not usually go for.

8) Pemberley Ranch by Jack Caldwell.  This is Pride and Prejudice meets Gone With the Wind.  Need I say more.

9) Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple.  This is an laugh out loud book that entertains.  

10) Table for Five by Susan Wiggs.  This is a touching book that will make you cry.  

11) At the Altar of Speed: The Fast Life and Tragic Death of Dale Earnhardt by Leigh Montville.  No words can express this book.  It was a nice insight that was the man known as the man in Black.  

12) Driver 8 by Dale Earnhardt Jr.  At the time this came out it was a breathe of fresh air coming from a quite man.  I’m sure it could use some updating now but still a good read.  There were tears for this Southern Belle so be warned.

13) A Week at the Beach by Varginia Jewel.  This was one of the first books I ever read on an e-reader and it was set in the Outer Banks, that in it self makes a favorite for me.  

14) Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews.  Another Outer banks based books and my first Mary Kay Andrews book.  A great book about friendship and love.

15) Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews.  I have only read a few of her books but she brings the Southern Charm, which I love, and this is no exception.  
These are in no order.  I hope you find my list helpful. 

NOLA In My Reading (Recommended Series In Depth Part 2)

I knew I was drawn to the city of New Orleans from my short trip there two years ago, I just didn’t realize how drawn I was. That draw has even found its way to my reading now. There are two series (both from my recommended series list) that based in New Orleans. The first is the Boudreaux Series by Kristen Proby and the other is the Bourbon Street Boys Series by Elle Casey.   

Boudreaux Series (in order)

– Easy Love

– Easy With You (novella)

– Easy Charm

– Easy Melody

– Easy Kisses

– Easy for Keeps (novella)

– Easy Magic

– Easy Fortune (novella)

– Easy Nights

I just learned about the first novella Easy with You so I am super excited to go back and read it. These are fun romances that really capture the essence of New Orleans. They are full of southern charm mixed with the music, magic, history, and night life of New Orleans. Reading these really made me want to go back to NOLA and since I don’t see that happening any time soon these were a fun way to take a little trip back there, even if it was only in my mind.


Bourbon Street Boys Series (in order)

– Wrong Number, Right Guy

– Wrong Place, Right Time

– Wrong Question, Right Answer

– Wrong Turn, Right Direction

The Bourbon Street Boys series are four quirky detective stories with some romance built in. Would I say these are the best books, not really, but they were a fun breath of fresh air. They kept me laughing and I really enjoyed the characters and their bond, so that was good. These are perfect for a change of pace reads, in my opinion.  

The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories by: Celeste Fletcher McHale

They always say you can’t judge a book by its cover, well I chose my books by their cover, most of the time. The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories is one of those. I was drawn to this book the moment I saw the cover. (Plus, I am drawn to all things magnolia.) It was a nice easy read with a story that pulls at the heart strings.
On a roof time during a flood, is that where someone expects to find the love of their life? Usually no, but that is what Jacey is wondering a year later after meeting Colin in that exact way. Is he the love of her life and where does she go to find him? But they find each other in the most unexpected way and what ensures is a journey they both must take to see if the feelings they have toward each other is love or something else.  

I enjoyed taking the journey with Jacey and Colin. They have some bumps along the way, which of course makes the story more interesting. I have never read a story quite like this before, it was an easy read that opened my eyes a little at the same time. I will keep books Celeste Fletcher McHale on my watch list. I know she has one other one that I have not read yet but I am hoping to soon.