Vacation Photo Week Day 2

I was actually going to post a photo not from the Outer Banks today but this popped up in my memories so I thought why not.  In all our trips to the Outer Banks this was the only time we saw the wild horses on the beach.  We have seen the wild horses every time but usually back among the houses in the 4 wheel drive area.  The horse tour is my favorite part of the whole trip. 


Southern Belle Giveaway 

In honor of my 10 Recommended Series List and the release last week of the first book in the next Catherine Bybee series I am giving away a copy of the first Catherine Bybee book/series I read.  (Please click link below picture to go to the giveaway)

Giveaway Link  

10 Recommended Book Series 

As you know I love books that are part of a series.  Here are 10 Series this Southern Belle Recommends. (Note: there is no order of favorite to them and 10 was a hard number to narrow down to.)

1) Boudreaux By: Kristen Proby 

2) Weekday Brides by: Catherine Bybee 

3) Dare Valley by: Ava Miles

4) Morning Glory by: Liz Talley 

5) Bourbon Street Boys by: Elle Casey

6) Morgan’s Run by: M. Lee Prescott

7) Not Quite by: Catherine Bybee

8) Sassy Belles & In Dixie by: Beth Albright 

9) Dare River by: Ava Miles

10) Cameron Saga: Civil War Trilogy by: Heather Graham
In the upcoming weeks I will share a little more about each series and why I like them. 

Lottery Dreams 

With the Power Ball up to $700 million tonight I can’t help but think of some of the first things I would do if I were to win some part of it.  

My Lottery Wish List 

🤑 Purchase the Disney Vacation Club

🤑 Take my babies to Disney World

🤑 Take a Disney Cruise

🤑 Purchase a fifth wheel and truck to pull it

🤑 Purchase a Highlander for everyday driving 

🤑 Build a house 

🤑 Become a freelance writer

🤑 Start a foundation in memory of my Aunt who died from cervical cancer.
Or at least I think that’s about everything on my list.

Solar Eclipse 

I know this is a rare event but I am so ready for this eclipse to be over.  I am so glad I am working today so I don’t have to be out and about in the craziness.  I know some people really like this kind of stuff but not me.
Update: I did go outside at work yesterday and look up at the eclipse.  With the glasses of course.