My Disney Vacation 2017 Day 2 EPCOT

DSCN0292EPCOT is probably my least favorite park but I do love the Flower and Garden Show.  That is one of the reasons we went when we did.  EPCOT to me is the hottest park of them all, very little shade, ecpecially in the World Showcase.  And there really is not many rides.  Illuminations is nice and if you can get lucky enough to get a late reservation and an outside seat at Rose and Crown they have some of the best viewing for Illuminations.  This trip I was very excited for EPCOT because I had a princess breakfast reserved in Normway.  I know I am 33 years old but I have never dined with princesses during any of my past visits to Disney World.  The princess breakfast was okay and I really don’t have to go again, unless of course we have the two girls with us.  Any my Rose and Crown reservation was late enough and we were out side so we were able to see Illuminations great.  I did not ride the new Frozen ride while we were there so that just gives me a reason to go back, right?

Flower and Garden

My Disney Vacation 2017 Day 1 Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios Sign

I want to love Hollywood Studios but there is not really enough to do there to make me love it.  I really enjoy Toy Story Midway Mania, Beauty and the Beast, and Fantasmic and the Great Movie Ride and the Muppets 3D are okay.  But outside of these few things I am searching for things to kill time.  I hope once Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land have been completed there will be more to keep busy until Fantasmic starts.  And the bad thing this time was I didn’t even get to see Beauty and the Beast, the last show was at 5:00, which was while we were eating and Fantasmic didn’t start till 9:00 that was still four hours I would have loved to watch the Beauty and the Beast show somewhere in those four hours.  While at Hollywood Studios we ate at Hollywood and Vine which is okay but not one of my favorites.  I will say if you have young kids Hollywood and Vine does have nice character dinning.  For me the fact that Hollywood Studios doesn’t have a whole lot to keep you busy was one of the reasons I started with it, since I knew we would not get a full day in since it was check in day.



Smokies Strong 

Last week I got to spend some time in the mountains of Tennessee.  It was my first time since the fires that reveraged the area and killed many in November.  

It broke my heart to see the damage.  And at times I had to hold back tears.  But the Smokies are strong, and the growth and rebuilding has already begun. 

Happy April

Well I’m glad April is here.  Not only does it put me closer to my Disney Vacation but March was a tough month for me.  It’s never easy learning a former co-worker has passed, especially one you worked closely with and who was only two years older than you.  But that is exactly what I was hit with in March.  And to make matters worse we were told that it was a drug overdose.  I’m going to leave it at that but let’s just say I’m happy March is over with, that was a hard passing to handle.  A few of us in the office read the Fifty Shades books at the same time and would talk about them (including the one that passed) so this was the cake I made for her last day in the office.  

I Need A Billionaire

Between reading all these books with billionaire male reads and just seeing the second fifty shades of grey movie, I’ve decided I need a billionaire.  Someone who will take me away to another city just for a  sporting event or concert.  Someone who will have stuff flown in for me just because he can.  Someone who will purchase a vacation house in my favorite vacation spot so we can go whenever we want.  Someone who will sweep me off  to Disney even if its just for a day because I’ve had a bad day he he knows that will cheer me up.  But I know a love like that only exists on the pages of a book or on the big screen.  A girl can dream!  Plus it would sure be fun!

War Flowers Movie

If you know me or have read this blog for a while you know I have a love for the civil war.  Last weekend I watched a movie on Amazon Prime that has left a lasting impression on me.  The movie was called War Flowers.  It was not the best movie I have seen or even the worst but there was something about it that just left me speechless.  It was about a young Southern mother whose husband is off fighting and when the war comes to their own back yard and a Yankee solider is left behind wounded and dying she has to make the tough decision does she nurse him back to health or let him die.  I know this is a decision a lot of woman on both sides had to make on during the war.  But the thing that left such a lasting impression on me is at the end of the movie when all the pieces of the puzzle are connected.