Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

And just like that another year has come and gone.  2017 was a pretty good year.  I got to visit my two favorite vacation spots in the same year, that in it self makes it a good year.  Disney World and the Outer Banks are my two happy places.  Hopefully 2018 will find my travels taking me on some new adventures.  I might actually get two trips to Disney in a my first Disney Cruise (if everything goes right).  I hope 2018 also finds new and exciting things for me.


Blog Tour: The Sweetheart Sham by: Danielle Ellison

The Sweetheart Sham by Danielle Ellison is definitely a step out of my reading comfort zone but being drawn to all things Southern like I am, I thought I would take that step.

Did I love the Sweetheart Sham? I wouldn’t go that far but I liked it more than I expected I would. The two main chapters were good. Georgie, the main female character, is great. She is funny and a true southern lady. And Beau, the main male character, is the guy you just can’t help liking.

Since it has been a while since I read a “teen romance” and have been reading “adult romances” more it was a little lacking for my speed but good enough for a teen/young adult. I really enjoyed the small southern town setting and the backdrop of a true southern family wedding. Those really added to the element of the story.

I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried the Sweetheart Sham. It’s nice to try new things from time to time.


“Beau Montgomery, what on earth!” someone, I think it’s Will’s mom, says with a squeal. I can’t single it out because my heart seems to stop beating.

Everyone scoots toward the patio entrance and gathers around. Will drops my hand to move closer.

And then I see him.

He’s standing behind Mrs. M next to his dad, a big smile on his face, and he’s tall. Real tall. His dark hair is longer and nearly falling into his hazel eyes, definitely a length that Orry won’t like much. His jaw is strong, some muscles pressing under his polo. He looks nothing like the boy I remember.

And suddenly I’m a little self-conscious. What am I wearing today? I can’t even remember. I could look down but that would mean looking away from him, and thenmaybe when I look back he won’t be there. I don’t know if he even sees me, but I see him. Clearly. After more than twoyears of nothing.

“Beau, is that you, boy?” Orry calls. Beau steps around the rest of the family toward his grandpa. He’s closer now, and I can get a better look at his face. My eyes explore his features and rest on his lips, which break out into a small smile and—Dang, is it hot out here?

“Hello, Granddad.” Orry pulls him into a hug and Beau has to lean over to reach him properly. Orry looks like a kid in his arms.

Cheese and rice, even his voice is sexy. Deeper but still with a familiar feeling that it stirs up in me, and an accent with a hint of Georgia twang instead of South Carolina


I like it. Lord help me, I like it.

Orry holds him out at arm’s length and examines him before giving him a pat on the shoulder. “You look more like your daddy than I expected. How tall are you?”

“Six one, sir,” Beau says.

“You look good, grandson, real good. Atlanta treating you well?”

“Yes, sir, it is.”

I want to move, but I can’t. My feet are stuck to the ground, not that I should move anyway. I don’t reckon I trust myself around him. Especially not right now when I’m not sure if I want to hug him or kick him somewhere that would hurt. I’d do a good job of it too and make darn sure my kick was as painful as him not showing up that night.

“When’s your momma coming?” Mrs. M asks him.

“Not until closer to the wedding,” he says.

I watch as Will hugs him. They’re both smiling, and it reminds me of before when he was here. They were inseparable—we were—and now I’m just standing here like an idiot. Which I am. Will looks in my direction, and then Beau’s eyes are on me, too. It’s even worse when he’s looking at me, especially now with a hidden glimmer in them. It’s not how he said hello to the others; it’s almost like his eyes hadn’t seen me before, and now he’s hyperaware. Just like I’ve been since his dad yelled his name.

He takes a step toward me.

Loss For A Small Little Kentucky River Town 

Nestled on the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Louisville sits a small little town called Rabbit Hash, KY.  Rabbit Hash is a quite little town where their mayor is a dog and the general store is still the place to catch up with neighbors and friends.  This week Rabbit Hash lost a piece of it’s soul.  A man that helped make this small little river town what it is.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all that loved and lost this one of a kind man. 

Vacation Photo Week Day 2

I was actually going to post a photo not from the Outer Banks today but this popped up in my memories so I thought why not.  In all our trips to the Outer Banks this was the only time we saw the wild horses on the beach.  We have seen the wild horses every time but usually back among the houses in the 4 wheel drive area.  The horse tour is my favorite part of the whole trip. 

Southern Belle Giveaway 

In honor of my 10 Recommended Series List and the release last week of the first book in the next Catherine Bybee series I am giving away a copy of the first Catherine Bybee book/series I read.  (Please click link below picture to go to the giveaway)

Giveaway Link  

10 Recommended Book Series 

As you know I love books that are part of a series.  Here are 10 Series this Southern Belle Recommends. (Note: there is no order of favorite to them and 10 was a hard number to narrow down to.)

1) Boudreaux By: Kristen Proby 

2) Weekday Brides by: Catherine Bybee 

3) Dare Valley by: Ava Miles

4) Morning Glory by: Liz Talley 

5) Bourbon Street Boys by: Elle Casey

6) Morgan’s Run by: M. Lee Prescott

7) Not Quite by: Catherine Bybee

8) Sassy Belles & In Dixie by: Beth Albright 

9) Dare River by: Ava Miles

10) Cameron Saga: Civil War Trilogy by: Heather Graham
In the upcoming weeks I will share a little more about each series and why I like them.