Turning 16

This weekend we have a birthday party for the oldest of the four kiddos who turned Sixteen last week.  I can’t believe she is sixteen already.  It seems like just yesterday she became a part of our family.  I don’t remember how old she was when her mommy started dating my cousin but I think she was eight or nine.  And now she is old enough to drive a car.  In the blink of an eye (two years) she will be graduating high school and starting college.  I wish I could stop them all from growing.  Happy 16th Birthday Miss M!

My Weekend 

My weekend was filled with kids, cotton candy, ice cream, snow cones, and merry-go-round rides. Saturday we went to this little family owned amusement park that is rented out for company picnics. The kids had a blast. I don’t know how many times the two year old rode the merry-go-round. And the three year old loved the little roller coaster. As for me I ate way too much cotton candy (hey it was free and I haven’t had cotton candy in years) and ate two chocolate ice cream cones. It was fun acting like a kid again and making memories with the little ones. And probably most importantly we hade perfect weather. Sunday was a day for rest and relaxation. And now it’s already Monday again and work is calling.  

A Summer Favorite

Right across the Ohio river from Cincinnati sits Newport Kentucky.  Nestled on a street corner in the heart of the city sits one of my summer favorites.  A little family owned candy store that sells ice balls for a few months a year.  They make their own syrup so it is the thick stuff and full of flavor.  You can even get their homemade vanilla ice cream in your ice ball.  My favorite, grape with ice cream.  Even the kids love it and ask to go now.  So if you are ever it Newport Kentucky this Southern Belle recommends finding your way to Sweet Tooth, but remember ice balls are only around for a few months each year, but their candy is good too.

A Few Random Thoughts

🌸 I have been keeping my reading at the PG level lately but I think I might need a steamy romance pretty soon.  Any suggestions?

🌸 My thoughts are with those people who have had their vacations effected by the huge power outage in the Outer Banks.  I know how excited I am for my vacation I’m two months and how disappointed I would be if I couldn’t go.

🌸 I recently tried ogx eucalyptus mint shampoo and conditioner and I really like it.  So if you are looking for something new you might want to give ogx a look.

🌸 Last night I was going to watch Country Crush on Netflix, I had no idea it was a musical.  

🌸 Have you seen the new Vera Bradley bedding?  I want it!

🌸 I really want a magnolia tree.  My grandma had one and it was her pride and joy in her yard.  I took it for granted but now I wish I didn’t.

🌸 We are starting to price a Disney trip for early next year and Port Orleans Riverside, where we always stay and I love so much, is more expensive than some of the other moderate resorts.  Any suggestions on other moderate resorts?

A Southern Belle and Her Makeup 

When I was fifteen my aunt took me for a makeover at the Lancome counter and purchased for me my Lancome starter kit.  All through High School and most of College I wore Lancome makeup every day.  But then it started to get too expenisve and I stopped wearing makeup all together.  I have tried cheaper makeup for those times when I needed to wear makeup but they just weren’t the same.  So I have decided it is time to not only wear makeup more but to go back to my makeup roots and start wearing Lancome again.  So that has been one of those recent extra purchases, purchasing my Lancome starter kit.  A Southern Belle never forgets her first makeup, it’s like going home.  

No Extra Shopping August 

I have been buying way too much as of late so I am challenging myself the whole month of August to not purchase anything more that I have to.  I have way too much junk and I keep bringing more in, so it is time to slow down.  I have a whole stack of books I have yet to read so defitily no new books.  It’s back to school time and I am usually a sucker for notebooks, pens, and all things back to school, so I need to stay away from that too.  I have vacation coming up in two months which usually means this is about the time I start going crazy purchasing stuff for vacation.  But not this year, I can make due with what I already have.  I have a few birthdays coming up so gifts are okay.  And of couse food is okay.  I will let you know at the end of the month how my no extra purchaes month went.