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Southern Belle Movie and Book Week: Nights in Rodanthe and other Nicholas Sparks Movies 

I am always game for a Nicolas Sparks movie, but my favorite is probably Nights in Rodanthe.  Is it one of his better movies, probably not.  But for me everytime I watch it it takes to the place I love most, the Outer Banks of NC.  This is actually one of the movies that follows the book a little more too, which I prefere.  I have actaully seen the house they used for filming from afar.  The Lucky One and Safe Haven are two of my favorites too.  I would have liked Dear John more but they changed it up way too much for me.  Another side to the making of a good Nicholas Spraks movie is a good actor.  Without a good actor the movie is just okay.  That is probably what helped Nights in Rodanthe, Richard Gere, how could you go wrong there.  

The Hardest Part of No Disney

I have already told you this Southern Belle’s Disney Vacation got canceled.  The hardest part about the whole thing is this year should have been an Outer Banks year but no first my cousin and his wife wanted to take their daughter for the first time and then the three kids were going to go so it was going to be a big family trip so I got on board the Disney train.  Well then the first cousin and his wife backed out but we were still going to go with the kids so I was still on board.  Then my other cousin and his wife (the kids mom and dad) backed out so the whole trip got canceled.  Now I get No Outer Banks and No Disney.  That is the hardest part of the whole thing.  I should have never jumped on board the Disney train and stayed on the Outer Banks train.  It was also hard canceling that princess breakfast I had reservations for.  Not going to lie, I was looking forward to that. Well hopefully next year I can get my Disney Trip in May and we have already told my aunt and her boyfriend that we are going to the Outer Banks in October next year and they are looking forward to it.  I am having Outer Banks withdraws.


A Sad Moment for this Southern Belle

Well it is official: there will be no Disney World in October.  My cousin and his wife have hit a little finicial patch and Disney had to go.  I am not going to lie this Souther Belle was quit upset but I have moved on.  I am trying for a May Adult Only Trip!  We are still going to Flordia, just Tampa/Clearwater/St Petersburg insted.  Of couce I tried real hard for the Outer Banks.  If I can’t go to my #2 happy place I’d at least like to go to my #1 happy place.  But dad has to go for work so we are making the best of it.  If I can make the May trip to Disney work then I will atleast be going to both happy places next year.




31 Day Blogging Challenge Day 12: If I Won The Lottery…

If I won the Lottery…

  1. I would pay off my car, but now I see that have Hybrid Rav4’s and I maybe interested in one of those
  2. I would payoff some bills
  3. I would purchase the Disney Vacation Club
  4. I would take a trip to the Outer Banks
  5. I would take a trip to New Orleans
  6. I would take a trip to Savannah
  7. We would have Princess Rooms at Disney in October when we go
  8. And all the girls would have Princess Makeovers and the boy would get a Pirate Makeover
Those are my first thoughts on what I would do if I won the lottery.  I’m sure I would come up with more things.

The Longest Ride and The Best of Me 

Last weekend I rented The Longest Ride movie and watched it. I loved it! That is one of the Nicholas Sparks books I have not read so it was a total surprise for me. I thought Alan Alda was great in it. And Scott Eastwood, let me just say I am a Scott Eastwood fan for life now. Oh boy is he hot! A few weekends before that I watched The Best of Me on Netflix, now that book I read so I knew how it ended. But even though I know how the book ended doesn’t mean I know how actually they will pull it off in the movie. I will admit I was not sure how James Marsden would do as Dawson but he did better than I thought. While I liked both movies and The Longest Ride is now probably one of my favorite movies based on a Nicholas Sparks book, my absolute favorite still is Nights in Rodanthe. How can you go wrong with Richard Gere, Diane Lane and the Outer Banks?!

Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve

I don’t usually open up about my personal and love life but I thought today I would.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a Day for Lovers.  Well to me it’s just another day.  Last year though I thought maybe I was heading in the right direction for once in my life.  I thought I had found the perfect man, I just had to get him to see it. But it was not to be, he already had someone to love him and love back.  And boy was he PERFECT!  I saw us going to Disney together wearing our Minnie and Mickey ears, holding hands walking down Main Street USA, kissing in front of Cinderella’s Castle and taking a horse drawn carriage ride around Port Orleans.  I saw us taking sunset walks on the beach in the Outer Banks and smiling arm in arm in front of the Lighthouse in Corolla.  I saw us spending a romantic weekend in Savannah, enjoying dinner for two by the stream in Gatlinburg, and showing him the Badlands.  I saw me coming home from work and cooking dinner for him.  But my hopes and dreams faded away and my prince charming feel off his white horse. And now here I sit waiting for my real Prince Charming to gallup up on his white horse.

2014 Where Have You Gone?

It’s hard to believe that is less than two weeks we will be counting down till the stroke of midnight and the New Year will be upon us.  This year has actually been a pretty good year.  I turned 30 this year which I celebrated by going to Disney World.  The kids moved from South Dakota to home, now there are just a short drive away.  I have loved every moment I have been able to spend with them since they moved back and look forward to many more to come.  I got to go back to my beloved Outer Banks, and got to introduce it to someone new.  I got to spend a week in Florida in November.  I got to see Garth Brooks in concert, which was amazing.  I still have a few extra pounds to lose and to find my “career” but I can do that next year.  I hope all of you had a good 2014, it’s hard to believe it’s almost over.  Hopefully 2015 will be a great year for everyone.