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Welcome to My Journey Rereading Gone With the Wind

Today is the day I start my journey of rereading Gone With the Wind. The first time I read the book was the winter after I graduated college. I think it took me two months to read it cover to cover. But I was a fan long before that. I was a has cGone With the Wind goner from the first time I saw Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) standing at the bottom of the Twelve Oaks stairs the day of the barbeque. In some ways I think my love of Rhett Butler is a reason why I am still single. He has given me a false reality. I’m looking for a man with the perfect mix of pure southern gentleman and bad boy, just like Rhett. Thank you for coming on my journey with me. It might get a little bumpy along the way but it will be fun.


NOLA In My Reading (Recommended Series In Depth Part 2)

I knew I was drawn to the city of New Orleans from my short trip there two years ago, I just didn’t realize how drawn I was. That draw has even found its way to my reading now. There are two series (both from my recommended series list) that based in New Orleans. The first is the Boudreaux Series by Kristen Proby and the other is the Bourbon Street Boys Series by Elle Casey.   

Boudreaux Series (in order)

– Easy Love

– Easy With You (novella)

– Easy Charm

– Easy Melody

– Easy Kisses

– Easy for Keeps (novella)

– Easy Magic

– Easy Fortune (novella)

– Easy Nights

I just learned about the first novella Easy with You so I am super excited to go back and read it. These are fun romances that really capture the essence of New Orleans. They are full of southern charm mixed with the music, magic, history, and night life of New Orleans. Reading these really made me want to go back to NOLA and since I don’t see that happening any time soon these were a fun way to take a little trip back there, even if it was only in my mind.


Bourbon Street Boys Series (in order)

– Wrong Number, Right Guy

– Wrong Place, Right Time

– Wrong Question, Right Answer

– Wrong Turn, Right Direction

The Bourbon Street Boys series are four quirky detective stories with some romance built in. Would I say these are the best books, not really, but they were a fun breath of fresh air. They kept me laughing and I really enjoyed the characters and their bond, so that was good. These are perfect for a change of pace reads, in my opinion.  

The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories by: Celeste Fletcher McHale

They always say you can’t judge a book by its cover, well I chose my books by their cover, most of the time. The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories is one of those. I was drawn to this book the moment I saw the cover. (Plus, I am drawn to all things magnolia.) It was a nice easy read with a story that pulls at the heart strings.
On a roof time during a flood, is that where someone expects to find the love of their life? Usually no, but that is what Jacey is wondering a year later after meeting Colin in that exact way. Is he the love of her life and where does she go to find him? But they find each other in the most unexpected way and what ensures is a journey they both must take to see if the feelings they have toward each other is love or something else.  

I enjoyed taking the journey with Jacey and Colin. They have some bumps along the way, which of course makes the story more interesting. I have never read a story quite like this before, it was an easy read that opened my eyes a little at the same time. I will keep books Celeste Fletcher McHale on my watch list. I know she has one other one that I have not read yet but I am hoping to soon.  

Recommended Series In Depth (Part 1)

1) Morgan Run Series by M. Lee Prescott 

Books in Series (in order)

– Emma’s Dream

– Lang’s Return

– Jeb’s Promise

– Rose’s Choice

– Hope’s Wonder

– Ruthie’s Love (coming soon)

I purchased Emma’s dream for free with the help of Book Bub. It sounded cute and it was free so I thought I would give it a shot. I fell in love with the Morgan family and their Arizona ranch. I am so excited for the next book to come out later this month. This series would not have to be read in order but I would highly recommend it. The nice thing is too is there is room for a lot more books. I can’t wait!


2) Cameron Saga: Civil War Trilogy by Heather Graham


Books in Series (in order)

– One Wore Blue

– One Wore Gray

– And One Rode West

These are books four through six in the Cameron Saga but books one through three in the Civil War Trilogy of the Cameron Saga. I have not read any of the other Cameron Saga books, only these in the Civil War Trilogy. I am a sucker for a good civil war romance and these did not disappoint. These are about two brothers and a sister. The brothers, like so many families during that time, were divided just like America (as you can probably tell by the titles). These books too are probably better if you read them in order, but since they are a trilogy of their own, I don’t feel like I missed anything having not read the other books.  


A few updates I thought I would share.


I have been on a role as of late.  I caught up on the Morgan’s Run Series and started a new series, Dare Island.  I am two books in on that and can’t wait to read the other three and a half.  But I am taking a little detour right now so I can read the next book becoming a Passionflix movie.  

Auntie Life

The kids keep us hoping that’s for sure.  But I love them to pieces.  The two year old is really becoming her own person.  And a bag lady just like her auntie.  The three year old will be four soon and he is becoming a little man.  I truly think I am one of his favorite people and that melts my heart.  These two little ones are my Disney Nerds.  They love watching Disney Sing Along Songs in the car and watching YouTube videos of Disney World rides at home.  The eight year old well she is eight going on eighteen (so she things).  Boy does she have mood swings.  She hates everybody and she’s not afraid to tell you either.  

No Book Purchases September/October

Well that was a complete bust.  I did pretty good in September but feel off the wagon in October.  Hopefully November and December will be better.  


Now that my much anticipated Outer Banks trip is over I am starting to have Disney withdraws.  Hopefully a February/March trip is in the plans.  

Life in General 

My best friend from college moved further down in Kentucky this summer so now my two closest girlfriends (that are the same age) do not live close to me.  I think I need to make some much overdue changes to my life.  I will work on them.  Still waiting for Mr Right to sweep me off my feet. 

What I’m Reading 

This week I’m reading “Hollywood Dirt” by Alessandra Torre.  This is going to be one of the first movies on that Passionflix so I thought I would see what it’s about.  I have not finished it yet but I’m enjoying it so far.